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The University of Alberta's Vascular Plant Herbarium is located in the Biological Sciences Building in B-613 (sixth floor of the Botany wing). The herbarium is open to visitors Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm (except University holidays). To arrange access, contact the Curator or Assistant Curator.

Jocelyn Hall, Curator
University of Alberta Vascular Plant Herbarium
Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Jocelyn Hall earned a BS from the University of Arizona in 1995 and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin in 2003. Her current research interests include:

In addition to her curatorial responsibilities, Dr. Hall teaches Botany 321 (Flowering Plants) and Biology 421/521 (Molecular Evolution and Systematics) in the Deparment of Biological Sciences. She is currently recruiting graduate students.

Dorothy Fabijan, Assistant Curator
University of Alberta Vascular Plant Herbarium
Department of Biological Sciences

Dorothy M. Fabijan received a BSc (Plant Biology) from the University of Calgary specializing in plant physiology and biochemistry and an MSc in Plant Taxonomy from the University of Alberta.

Dorothy joined the Botany Department at the University of Alberta in 1985 and became Assistant Curator of the Vascular Plant Herbarium in 1999. Her major goal has been to make the Herbarium as useful as possible to researchers and students, industry and the general public. The collection is growing through the renewal and establishment of exchanges, the training of researchers and graduate students to collect and voucher specimens, and the deposition of specimens from industry specialists. Floristic research is being carried out in areas of Alberta sampled decades ago, as well as some botanically poorly explored areas. New opportunities for documenting the floral diversity of Alberta have resulted from partnering with Alberta Parks and Protected Areas and Nature Conservancy Canada.

In addition to her curatorial responsibilities, Dorothy assists in undergraduate teaching by coordinating laboratory exercises in Botany 322 (Field Botany) and 321 (Flowering Plants of the World).

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